Here you can find articles I write about my whisky journey.

The Ardbeg Antics
Another shoot-out blind test. This time we put 18 Ardbeg releases to the test. A fantastic saturday night for sure.

Up Around the Blends – The Affordables
Sixteen cheap blended scotches. Which ones are bottom shelf nightmares and are there some good ones? We put them to the test!

Peat Power – The Battle of Islay
Sixteen heavily peated islay whiskies in a blind test shoot-out. It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.

Sweet Sixteen – The Speyside Twelves
Sixteen twelve-year olds from the Speyside Region are compared in this blind test shoot-out.

Malmö Beer and Whisky Festival
A saturday filled with tasting delicious whiskies at the Malmö Beer and Whisky Festival. Money was spent. Enjoyment ensued!

The Big Bourbon Bash
Sixteen bourbons of different quality and proof are compared in this blind test shoot-out.

The best new whiskies tasted in 2018
This is an article in which a top ten list of the best new whiskies I tasted during the year is presented. A nice end to a very good whisky year.

The Big Bowmore Bonanza
How much do expressions from a distillery really differ? This is a recap of a blind shoot-out between sixteen different Bowmores to see which expression is the best.

Visit at the old Jameson distillery in Dublin
Me and a friend traveled to Dublin in the summer of 2012 and visited the old Jameson Distillery. This is a short recap of that visit.

For the love of all things whisky/whiskey

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