A visit to Jameson’s Old distillery in Dublin

Jameson - Entrance

To date this is the only distillery I’ve visited. This is a short recap written long after the visit as a reminder and a big step in my whisky journey. This is why the story doesn’t include some in-depth to the old production and to the Jameson brand etc.

In Dublin, Jameson set up a huge visitor’s center in their old distillery. There is no production on the site today, which means that a lot of the old eqipment is on display.

Jameson - Mash tun.jpg

We took the tour, and at the initial presentation we were asked if someone was brave, or something along those lines. Fortunatly, when we departed the bus earlier, the bus driver who drove us to the distillery said: ”If you like to drink, say yes in the beginning!”. So of course I said yes, which meant that I got a cardboard thingy to carry around with me throughout the tour.

Jameson - Feints still.jpg

At the end of the guided walk we came to a bar/restaurant and we who were the chosen ones were called in front of the group to partake in a whisky/whiskey tasting. The whole point of the exercise was to convince everyone that Jameson was the best choice of three drams. They didn’t say what was in the other two glasses , but they gave us the origin: One from Scotland and one from the USA (My two cents: Johnny Black and Jackie D.)

When the sales pitch and tasting was over, 9 out of 10 participants chose the Jameson dram as their favorite. I chose the scotch.

Jameson - Spirit still

In the gift shop, a very nice one indeed, I bought two bottles of Jameson Distillery Reserve, a whisky only sold at that location. I got my name printed on one and my brother’s name on the other. That bottle I gifted to my brother when we got back home.

Published 2018-02-09

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