Jim Beam Black – Extra Aged

ABV: 43 %
Origin: Kentucky, USA
Type: Straight Bourbon
Bottles in collection: 1
Emptied bottles: 0
Impression: 3/5

Tasting notes
Sample in queue. Tasting notes pending.

See the queue here.


Nose: Very mild, classic flavours. Vanilla, brown sugar, fruit, anis, sweet liquorice in the background. A hint of cinnamon. Very straight forward and pleasant.

Mouth: Hard fruit candies, powdered sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and a hint of anis. Very nice mouthfeel.

Finish: Fruit candy and vanilla. The oak takes over and gives a nice, slightly astringent finish. Not very complex.

Additional information
Up until 2015 this had an 8 YO age statement and was called ”Double aged”. Now it’s supposedly about 6 years old, but no age is presented on the bottle. The mashbill consists of 77 % corn, 13 % rye and 10 % malted barley.


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