Springbank 15 YO – Rum Wood (2019)

ABV: 51 %
Single malt
Bottles in collection:
Emptied bottles:

Tasting notes
Nose: This is fruity and sweet. The first impact is a lemon and vanilla sponge cake. Honey and icing sugar together with a mild peatiness sit at the edges of the glass. The normal Springbank oily/rubbery note is there, but it’s extremely toned down and overrun by the rum influence. It becomes sweeter with time which also changes the fruitiness slightly. It’s a very round, warm and welcoming nose.

Mouth: It starts out with a big hit of the rubbery/oily peatiness before the fruitiness and a hint of dust return. It’s still vanilla, lemon and honey, but the main focus is now steered towards the peatiness. It’s not as sweet as on the nose. The oakiness is already making an impact and creates a nice backdrop. After a few seconds the sour lemon really takes on a more leading role. The whole thing is now sort of surrounded by a floral and perfumey cloud.

Finish: A dusty and malty thick note leads way before the ABV spiciness slowly increases in intencity. The lemon and vanilla sponge cake is still there and when the oak starts to come through the lemon note changes and becomes pineapple syryp. The peatiness has now moved back towards the edges. The oakiness shows some age and it feels like grey weathered wood planks. The floral note is still sitting as a top layer through the entire finish. This is per usual a great expression from Springbank.

Additional information
This Springbank was distilled in december 2003 and bottled in August 2019. The release is limited to 9000 bottles. It’s been aged in ex-rum casks for the whole aging period. It’s unchillfiltered and has natural colour.


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