The Macallan 12 YO – Triple Cask

ABV: 40 %
Origin: Speyside
Type: Single malt
Bottles in collection: 0
Emptied bottles: 0
Impression: 3/5

Tasting notes
Nose: Dense and very sweet. There’s a thick mat of raisins and honey. Underneath there are liqueur soaked cherries, sweet liquorice and vanilla. There’s a thin layer of seaweed on top which brings the experience down a little. The cask influence (not the oak) completely covers the distillate. In the background there’s a note of wet clothes after a walk in the rain.

Mouth: Very sweet and mild. The vanilla is very much up front together with butterscotch and pure white sugar. There’s a thin note of violets sitting in the middle as a nice easter egg. The sherry notes are still very heavy on the raisins, but now the distillate shines through with some pears and lemons. It’s oily and it’s got a luxurious texture. There’s a black pepper in the surroundings but it’s not pronounced.

Finish: The sherry notes are now the main feature pushing everything else back. The violets are still to be found. It still got vanilla and raisins a-plenty together with a butterscotch note. The oak finally peeks through, but never takes over. The black pepper note is building up as a nice contrast to the thick sweetness. Overall it feels a bit over-engineered.

Additional information
This was renamed from ”Fine Oak” to ”Triple Cask” in 2018 and is a part of Macallan’s new core range. It’s aged in separate casks from european sherry seasoned casks, american white oak sherry seasoned casks and american ex-bourbon barrels and then married together before bottling.


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