Springbank 15 YO (2018 Release)

ABV: 46 %
Origin: Campbeltown
Type: Single malt
Bottles in collection: 1
Emptied bottles: 0
Impression: 5/5

Tasting notes
Nose: This is sweet, salty and savory. There are rubber, motoroil and ash notes together with assorted dark fruits, red berries and salt. It’s got a sweet aura of honey and peat, but it’s so well integrated it almost feels like it’s coming from within every other flavour. There’s a tiny minty note hiding in the background. This is a well balanced, complex nose with a phenolic touch.

Mouth: At first it’s got the honey sweetness up front and soon the savory note shows up as a baseline. All the other flavours then comes through one after another. First red berries and ripe plums, then salt, ash, rubber and a squeeze of lemon. There’s a spicyness coming through after a few seconds.

Finish: A whiff of ashy smoke comes through before getting back to the savory notes and the sweet fruitiness. The rubber note flares up and goes back down again. The fruitiness comes through, but now it’s more leaning towards tropical fruits. It’s still very savory and now slightly astringent. The ash note hangs on when the oak starts to take over. This is nothing short of absolutely fantastic.

Additional information
This is distilled 2.5 times and matured in ex-oloroso sherry casks for the entire 15 years. It’s unchillfiltered and has natural colour.


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