For the love of all things whisky/whiskey

Welcome to my personal whisky blog!

Since this page is dedicated to whisky you need to be of legal drinking age in your country. If you are; Welcome! (If not: Please respect this.)

This blog is my way to track my whisk(e)y journey. If you are interested in my tasting notes, please follow me on

The blog is a time flow over the whiskies I taste and the impression (mark between 1-5) I get from them. If I’m able to spend some time with the dram, the tasting notes I find and some additional information are also recorded. Everytime I taste a whisky it is recorded in the blog. If I have tasted the whisky before, the former post is moved to the top and revised if new insights are found. I use this blog to keep track of my whisky experiences. The page ”Tasted whiskies” includes links to all blog posts in alphabetic order.

The pages that are attached to this blog are used to keep track of my whisky collection, all whiskies tasted, articles I’ve written, distillery visits, blind tastings etc. Feel free to look around!




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