ABV: 35 %
Thai ”Whiskey”
Bottles in collection:
Emptied bottles:

Tasting notes
Nose: This is paint thinner and herbs. At first it’s very sharp and unpleasant. Behind the sharp front there’s liquorice root and thyme swimming in dark syryp. It kind of smells like vegetable broth made in a newly painted kitchen. This is absolutely vile.

Mouth: The arrival is extremely sweet. The liquorice root and anise notes are still in there but the herbs are now gone. There’s a cardboard note coming from the distillate and a very thin lemon note sits in the back. The is a small wood note coming through but it feels like it’s coming from glued plywood. It still got the paint thinner base and it doesn’t promote actually swallowing it down.

Finish: A very sharp and unpleasant taste of badly made distillate moves over to glue and paint thinner again. It’s still sweet and the raw liquorice and anise is still in there. The finish is quite long, which in this case isn’t a good thing. It leaves a metallic note in the mouth that stays until something else is consumed. This should not be had neither neat nor as a mixer.

Additional information
Mekhong is a spirit made with 95 % molasses and 5 % rice. Herbs and spices are also added. The style is called Thai Whiskey even though it mostly isn’t a grain spirit. It’s made at the Bangyikhan Distillery. The bottle tried is sun bleached from sitting in a store window in Thailand.


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