Grant’s Triple Wood

ABV: 40 %
Origin: Scotland Unspecified
Type: Blended
Bottles in collection: 0
Emptied bottles: 1
Impression: 1/5

Tasting notes
Nose: This is sweet and ethanol driven. At first there’s a mix of generic sweetness, fresh fruits and mint. Underneath lies a very unpleasant note of ethanol. It’s very shiny and metallic. There are some perfumey notes floating around within. The fresh fruits increase in intensity and it’s an apple and pear mix. The sweetness moves closer towards butterscotch and vanilla but never really gets there. The minty freshness on top stays the same throughout and a slight hint of oak and cooking spices are added after a while. This is not the greatest nose in the world and it’s a bit thin overall.

Mouth: It starts out with a very flat and round sweet butterscotch note and some baked red apples but soon it becomes very bitter and unpleasant. It’s still ethanol driven and it feels very poorly made. There’s a layer of oakiness surrounding everything but that just creates a frame to the bad overall picture. The oakiness increases in intensity and becomes a fresher oak which just makes the whole weird and more unpleasant. There are still spices and a metallic note within.

Finish: A surge in oak spices gives the transition a boost but it soon reverts to a flat character. A hint of black pepper stays behind though. The sweet butterscotch and apple note returns but soon crumbles and leaves the ethanol note and a bitter oakiness in the back together with a metallic note. There’s a fresh sawdust oakiness up front. The longer the finish lasts, the more of the fresh oakiness comes through. The finish becomes way overoaked with maybe just a hint of smoke. This is a really bad whisky and the virgin oak somehow just adds to the misery.

Additional information
This whisky was aged in a mix of virgin oak, heavily charred american oak and ex-bourbon barrels.

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