Mackmyra Stjärnrök

ABV: 46.1 %
Origin: Sweden
Type: Single Malt
Bottles in collection: 0
Emptied bottles: 1
Impression: 3/5

Tasting notes
Nose: This is acidic and peaty. At first there’s a sour sharpness and a peatiness with juniper and pine attached to it. After a few seconds a fruitiness is added to the sour note with unripe berries and green apples. It’s malty and there are notes of vanilla, but it main focal point is the mix of peat and sour fruits. When it starts to settle a more dense side arrives with tobacco and raisins, but it seems to lack some dept. A fresh oakiness is sitting out towards the edges. Overall it’s a nice and interesting nose but it doesn’t seem very cohesive. The flavours sit by themselves and refuse to interact with each other.

Mouth: It starts out with a sourness in the back and the peat and sweetness up front. In between the darker notes slowly increases in intensity and creates a wall of raisins, dark chocolate and tobacco. There’s also a smidge of sulfur within. The fruitiness in the back is still sour unripe berries and soon the oakiness starts to increase in volume starting from the same spot. When it finds its full potential the whole becomes unbalanced and a bit too oaky.

Finish: The finish begins with all the nice flavours finally merging and create a very nice experience for a short period of time before the oakiness once again steps in and makes it unbalanced. Fortunatly the oakiness is a nice one and it creates a very nice mix of vanilla and tropical fruits together with the unripe berries and the sweetness. A much needed spicyness do arrive late and gives it a nice power-up together with the peatiness which finally gets a place in the spotlight. This is a very good whisky with a lot to offer. It’s almost too busy and a lot of the flavours sit like islands on the palate.

Additional information
This whisky was aged in a mix of ex-bourbon, ex-Oloroso, new american oak and cloudberry wine casks made from swedish oak. The smoke comes from using juniper instead of peat. It’s a 2021 seasonal release.

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