Bunnahabhain Stiùireadair

ABV: 46.3 %
Single malt
Bottles in collection:
Emptied bottles:

Tasting notes
Nose: This is red fruits and salty ocean air. The first thing to come through is sweet red berries and vanilla with a coastal backdrop of salt, seaweed and driftwood. There’s also a grapefruit note somewhere in the middle. It’s not a sweet nose but there is a sweetness which seems connected to the sherry notes. It becomes brighter and fruitier with time in the glass and the grapefruit is soon accompanied with a squeeze of lime. There’s a small hint of cardboard coming through from behind, which probably is a sign of some younger malts used. This is an interesting nose, which brings two differences together to make one whole.

Mouth: It starts out oaky and malty. It’s dry and there’s a green pine youthness coming through. The outer layer is still very much a coastal thing with the salty notes and dry weathered oak. It’s honey sweet but the vanilla is barely noticable. The fruitiness is still coming from fresh red berries, but it’s not as pronounced as on the nose. There is a spicy side to it, but it takes a bit of time for it to show up. The fresher citrus notes is still in there and they create a much needed contrast to the other flavours. It becomes sweeter with time and a couple of sips.

Finish: It’s still malty with a bitter tone sitting in the middle. There’s a chili pepper spiciness building up as the other flavours arise. The pine note is all too present and the coastal notes is still residing in the outer layer. It’s a touch astringent and dry. When the oak starts to emerge it seems to be attached to the pine note. The fruitiness returns in the late finish and somewhat rescues the oak from the green, young pine note. The vanilla also make an appearance down the road. This is an interesting dram, but the pine note brings it down a notch or two.

Additional information
The Stiùireadair is aged in first- and second fill ex-sherry casks. The ages varies between the casks. It’s unchillfiltered and has natural colour.

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