Mackmyra Limousin

ABV: 49.2 %
Origin: Sweden
Type: Single Malt
Bottles in collection: 0
Emptied bottles: 1
Impression: 4/5

Tasting notes
Nose: This is fruity and oaky. At first there’s a hefty fruitiness popping out of the glass which is quite acidic and sour at one hand, but mellow and round on another. In between there’s a fudge note and on the outside there’s an aromatic oakiness. It takes a good while in the glass before everything gets put together to a homogenous profile. At this point the mellow fruits gets more pronounced with some ripe berries. The aromatic oakiness is ever present and sort of gets in the way of the other flavours which is a bit sad, because underneath lies a very nice concoction of flavours. This is a nice nose which feels slightly unbalanced, but it’s really fun to explore.

Mouth: It starts out with a sour note in the back and a nice, mellow berry mix in the center. On top a peppery spicyness gives it just the right amount of power. It feels great and oily on the palate. After a few seconds there’s vanilla appearing in the center and a distinct oakiness out towards the edges. It feels way more balanced at this point compared to the nose and everything has it’s own space, yet seem to fit together. A small amount of orange zest and tropical fruits start to appear in the background.

Finish: The transition is logical without any spikes or dips. The berry fruitiness and the vanilla is constant and creates a very easy to follow center part. In the back there’s a slow increase of tropical fruits with pineapples and mangos sitting together with some zest and black coffee. The aromatic oakiness is still residing on the edges of the palate but soon joins the tropical fruitiness and when that happens they basically overrun everything else. The late finish is just the aromatic oakiness and the tropical fruits. This is not a bad thing. This is a really good whisky with a lot to offer to the explorer. It’s not an easy sipper by no means.

Additional information
This was first aged in limousin ex-cognac casks from 2008 and then finished in old ex-Oloroso sherry casks and saturated in both ex-raspberry wine casks.

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