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Support the page


Sending whisky/whiskey samples

If you want me to review a whisky which I don’t have access to, or something in particular, there’s always the possibility to send a sample or a mini bottle for me to review. Send it to:

William Andersson
Assarhusavagen 200
24736 Sodra Sandby

  • You will be acknowledged in the Instagram review if you wish.
  • I won’t be able to send any bottles back.


If you like to support the page by giving a tiny amount of money, please visit my patreon page. I’m still new to this, so please have a little patience with me while I set this up to be a great place to visit. I will publish additional content there, and try to answer questions and discussing whisky in general with those who contribute to the page.


Spreading the word

A great way to give support is to spread the word about the page and content. If you find my reviews helpful and interesting please share the page with other people and on social media. I do this as a hobby which gives me limited amount of time to market the page between work and family.

Either way, if you visited this page it hopefully means that you love whisky and like my reviews. And that’s what it’s all about… The love of all things whisky/whiskey!