Amrut Naarangi

ABV: 50 %
Origin: India
Type: Single Malt
Bottles in collection: 0
Emptied bottles: 0
Impression: 3/5

Tasting notes
Nose: This is sweet and fruity. The orange peel fruitiness dominates the nose from the start. It sits on a sweet and soft berry layer. There’s vanilla and a touch of aromatic oak as well. When it settles in the glass the orange peel gets a bit less powerful but it never seems to merge with the sweetness. There are assorted dried fruits added to the mix as well. The distillate becomes more noticable and it’s a rather nice and well made base but it just creates a third individual layer. The whole thing sort of feels like a layered cocktail. This is a nice nose overall though.

Mouth: It starts out with a big sweetness and it’s quite spicy on initial impact. The orange peel and the oak mixes and the whole thing becomes a weird aromatic concoction which almost resembles cedar wood. There’s cinnamon and other baking spices as well. It becomes somewhat bitter after a while which makes the whole thing even weirder. It’s not unpleasant, it just tastes very unorthodox. It feels quite young and spirity which doesn’t help it along.

Finish: A small surge in ABV spicyness gives a much needed rest from the plathora of layered flavours on the palate. When it calms down the Oloroso sherry finally becomes recognizable with the mix of dried fruits in the forefront. There’s still a fresh and slightly bitter orange peel note but it seems to have let go of the other flavours which is a good thing. The oakiness is pretty anonymous on its own though. This is a decent but very weird whisky. It’s interesting in itself, but it’s not the best tasting whisky out there.

Additional information
This whisky is first aged for 3 years in undisclosed casks and then finished for another 3 years in casks which previously held Oloroso sherry with orange peels.


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