Etikettarkiv: Springbank 18 YO 2019 test

Springbank 18 YO (2019)

ABV: 46 %
Single malt
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Tasting notes
Nose: This is sweet and fruity with a funky complexity to it. A big fruit basket with green grapes, oranges and assorted tropical fruits is first to come through. On top of those there are also layers of vanilla, honey and hint of sweet liquorice. There’s also a floral side with an almost perfumey freshness to it. In the background the Springbank rubbery/oily funk creates the complexity together with a gentle peat. A hint of menthol creates a cooling effect in the nose. This is quite beautiful on the nose.

Mouth: A bitter tang and a pleasant spicyness arrive first and they are soon joined by the fruitiness and the oily rubbery note. There’s a dusty old book note sitting on top of everything. There’s honey and vanilla but they’re not as sweet as on the nose. The fruitiness is now leaning heavily towards citrus fruits with grapefruit, oranges and a hint of lemon. The peat is present but it’s not very prominent. After a few seconds the oakiness peeks through from behind. It’s a soft, fresh oak and it sort of just emerges from within the vanilla.

Finish: A big dollop of the Springbank funk and peppermint flare up and soon after the fruitiness takes over. It still produces a lot of citrus fruits with grapefruits and oranges. The lemon is a bit toned down and replaced by sweeter tropical fruits like mangoes. The old dusty books still sit on the top shelf and stays there for the entire finish. The oak arrives fashionably late but when it does it really fits the perfect profile. There’s no astringency whatsoever, and the whole thing is very thick and juicy all the way through. As always a great dram from Springbank with a lot to discover.

Additional information
The different releases of the Springbank 18 YO varies. This version was bottled in 2019 and it’s been aged in american ex-bourbon barrels. It’s unchillfiltered and has natural colour.

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